Ways to Save Up on Your Bathroom Remodel

When you are trying to picture the bathroom you want for your home, it is very easy to picture the most luxurious ones. I know you want an extravagant bathroom however budget can sometimes cloud that vision. So how can we best thrift our way to achieving the bathroom we want? 

  1. Demo 

New bathrooms have new tiles and if you want those new tiles installed, you need to make sure the old ones are removed. Removing a tile can be very easy when you are still trying to think of how you can save some money to buy some more items for your bathroom, however you will need some more things in order to do the job yourself. You will need a sledgehammer, crowbar, pry bar and claw hammer. These are some of the basic things you need to be successful in removing the old tiles you have in your bathroom. Now, get ready to sweat in order to save yourself a couple bucks! 

  1. Recycle 

Materials that are slightly used can be on sale on your neighborhood. You can actually find good deals of windows, tiles or even tubs. However, just a heads up, this deal can sometimes be a hit and sometimes a miss, so make sure you are going for something worth the price. 

  1. Extra Light 

Lighting in bathrooms can be quite over the budget for most of us. Lighting is mostly expensive such as adding more windows or installing a skylight. One way that is lighter for the pocket is installing a solar tube. This is installed between attic rafters that has a diameter that ranges between 10 to 20 inches. Solar tubes funnel the natural light that comes from the sun into your bathroom through an opening from your roof. Sun tubes can cost a quarter compared to windows or skylight installation.  

  1. Subway Tile 

The glass tiles you are eyeing because they look elegant are pretty expensive and could really cut your budget. If you want your bathroom looking fancy, focus on decorating the borders or have a wall that features what you like and opt for subway tiles for the rest. If you are going for something minimal, this is a good choice for your bathroom to look elegant and clean at the same time. 

  1. Paint 

You may have invested on the cheapest tile you found, however by the size of the bathroom you own, it can always cut your budget tight. One way to cut off tile budget is painting your bathroom. If you paint the rest of the walls of your bathroom to a color that best suits your taste, something refreshing perhaps or something bold, this can really help in saving you a lot on tile budget.  

These are a few to consider when it comes to the budget you have on your bathroom remodel cost. One way to make sure you are investing on the right parts of your bathroom without leaving important details behind is to consult remodel experts. Check on nthdegreerealty.com today and know more details on what help they can offer you! 

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